Velva History
Velva, founded in 1897, has been known since its inception as “The Star City.” The reason is the community is located on the southernmost point of the Mouse River loop, where the river turns to begin its winding way back north to Canada. Early day cartographers used to mark this spot with a star, long before Velva became a town.

VCDC History
The Velva Community Development Corporation (VCDC) has been an active part of Velva for many years. Notable accomplishments of VCDC include the creation and implementation of the Velva Housing Association; the construction and expansion of the Souris Valley Care Center and Valley View Manor Assisted Living Center; and the construction of Midwest Processing Company, now a multi-million dollar canola and biodiesel production facility owned by Archer Daniels Midland (ADM). The Industrial Park east of Velva — another VCDC project — currently hosts three industrial businesses: CF Industries, the ADM canola plant, and the Minot Farmers Grain Terminal.

VCDC assisted in the development of the new residential section, called the Sunset Addition and continue to look at supporting future housing development.

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