Who We Are

VCDC is the City of Velva’s primary engine for economic development charged with leveraging the City’s assets to drive growth, create jobs and improve quality of life.

Velva, North Dakota, (pop. 1,100) is home to a variety of agriculture, energy and value added production facilities including the nation’s largest biodiesel production facility, agriculture research facilities, health care facilities, unique shopping and small manufacturing businesses.

The community is located along North Dakota’s busiest two-lane highway and close to major transportation hubs, making it a prime location for business development and expansion. McHenry County is designated as a Small Business Administration HUBZone and is within the CONAC REAP Zone.

Families find a quality place to call home with an excellent school system (link), two city parks, multiple recreation facilities including an outdoor pool, sports complex and meandering Souris River.

Continuing this economic progress and strong family values is a priority for VCDC and the City. Priorities (link to projects and opportunity page) of the VCDC include supporting the expanding housing options for the community, growing niche shopping and eating venues and maintaining the Main Street vitality. Value added agriculture and energy continue to be a priority for the region and the VCDC and City of Velva support this growth.

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