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going to be a typical trailer though, I wanted something that was chargers dwight freeney mens jersey Heavy Duty, maybe something that could handle most household appliances. So I got started just like every other good home made bike trailer, with a pair of garbage picked wheels and a set of tires that were given eagles connor barwin mens jersey to me for free. Here is a quick run down of the main features of the trailer: Adjustable pulling arm to allow mounting to any bike My main motivation for building authentic stevan ridley mens jersey this trailer came from the many "bike move" videos and blog posts on this topic. A bike move is what it sounds like, moving to a new house by only using bikes for transportation and hauling. This requires cargo bikes, bike trailers and the blank stares of people as you ride past with a massive load of stuff on your bike. This video is my favorite bike move video from a group of bike movers in Bozeman. This is not me or my authentic reggie white youth jersey video, but it is a great example of what can be done with a bike trailer. Check out the How much can I haul? page for a calculator on towing weight. I would recommend lights, I used standard blinking bike lights attached to
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