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North Dakota’s business climate has gained a reputation for supporting emerging businesses, entrepreneurs and expansions. The City of Velva is no different and continues to expand and work in conjunction with regional and state needs. The state’s growing manufacturing, technology-based businesses, agricultural and energy industries, enhanced with numerous incentives, are drawing some of the world’s most recognized companies into the state. Combined with a legendary work ethic and a highly educated workforce, the entire state has become a dynamic place to live, work and be in business.

Velva is located along North Dakota’s busiest two-lane highway (highway 52) and intersects with Highway 41, a major north/south access road. It is close to major transportation hubs, including the expanding Port of North Dakota intermodal site, making it a prime location for business development and expansion. McHenry County is designated as a Small Business Administration HUBZone and is within the CONAC REAP Zone, qualifying the area for added incentives for federal programs.

As part of Souris Basin Planning Council Region II, the businesses in Velva have additional access to technical assistance and funding sources. These resources, combined with the excellent state programs and business friendly climate make Velva the next destination for families and businesses.

Located near North Dakota’s energy center, McHenry County provides many of the ancillary services and people to keep the companies running and the products moving.

Thinking of Visiting the region or state? Contact the North Dakota Tourism Department at or Minot CVB at

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