Container Sizes– Trash containers must be store bought and not exceed 32 gallons in size.  We recommend Rubbermaid brand, we have found they tend to hold up the best

Loose Material- All loose garbage and other materials, must be put in a closed disposable container to prevent blowing on windy days

Animal Waste- Must be put in a plastic bag before disposing into container

Trees- Yes, Providing they are cut to 4 ft lengths and tied into manageable bundles with rope. Reasonable amounts at a time

Garden & Yard Waste- Yes up to 2 bags. Must be bagged and made light enough for easy disposal. Large quantities will not be picked up. No Lawn Mowers

Paint- Yes, only if the paint is solidified with kitty litter and the covers left off for inspection

Furniture- Yes, we can take the following furniture, dresser, nightstand, couch, loveseat, chairs, mattress/boxspring, recliner. No hide a beds. Reasonable amounts at a time

Carpet- Yes, they must be cut and rolled into 4ft lengths. Must be placed nicely at curb. One room at a time

Tires- No, Please do not put tires out for collection. They will not be taken

Ashes- No Coal Ashes. Wood ashes must be completely cold and placed into plastic bags. Must be bagged and made light enough for easy disposal

Appliances- No, We are unable to take appliances in the truck. You can take them to any recycling center or even to the Minot Landfill for a small charge

Rocks- No, Please do not put rocks, concrete, brick, dirt or metal out for collection

Hazardous Waste- NO!!  Hazardous Waste will not be picked up (oil, chemicals, etc)

Construction Debris- Needs to be hauled by contractor or homeowner. Small amounts of scrap can be taken but needs to be in the garbage can. No large or bulky pieces or timbers or metal will be taken.

If you have any questions please call City Hall at 338-2660 or Circle Sanitation at 838-1182