Clubs, Organizations and Religious Affiliations

Volunteer and social organizations are very active the Velva community. Arts, community and religious organizations fill many of the needs of the community. Some of the organizations include:

  • Velva Woman’s Club
    • Val Heisler, President
  • Velva Council on Arts
  • Velva Golf Club
    • Hwy 41 N Velva, ND 58790 Phone: 701-338-2363
  • Community Youth Project (CYP)
    • A group of parents and interested individuals who sponsor alcohol-free post prom and graduation parties. Emily Tescher, President
  • Dakota Roughriders Saddle Club
    • Contact Jim Hystad
  • Ghostriders Snowmobile Club
    • Contact Mike Heisler
  • Velva Association of Commerce
    • Corey Schmaltz, President PO Box 334 Velva ND 58790
  • Dollars for Scholars (DFS)
    • Dennis Wunderlich, President PO Box 226 Velva ND 58790
  • Joseph I. Weller American Legion Post and Auxiliary
    • 201 Main Street North Velva, ND 58790. Phone: 701- 338-2788
  • Velva In Progress (VIP) Sandy Mack Phone 701-338-2677
  • Star City Senior Citizens
    • 122 North Main Street Velva, ND 58790-7301 Phone: (701) 338-2628
  • Youth groups: Velva has numerous special interest groups for youngsters and teenagers, most of them based through the school. Outside the school, there are Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, 4-H, an outdoors group, church youth organizations and volunteer services.
  • Open AA
    • 5:00 pm Every Sunday Velva City Hall
  • Local Churches:
    • Oak Valley Lutheran Church – 400 North Main Street, P.O. Box D, Velva, North Dakota 58790 Phone 701-338-2143
    • St. Cecilia Catholic Church 201 2nd Avenue West Phone 701-338-2663
    • Velva Methodist Church –112 1st Street West Phone 701-626-1124
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