Infrastructure and Technology

Recent infrastructure improvements to the community have brought the water, streets, electricity, cable and telephone access above standards for rural communities.

In 2009, the City completely rehabilitated Main Street (Highway 41) with new water and sewer lines along with lights and sidewalks. This was a nearly three million dollar improvement, in partnership with the state, that will keep Velva growing and meet the demands of today and future water supply. In 2007, the city also invested nearly two million in the water treatment facilities to create a state-of-the art treatment plant. The city continues to plan and improve the community for future growth.

City proper electricity is serviced by Ottertail Power Company and outside city limits Verevdrye Electric provides service Wastewater and city water is provided by the city and a contract is held for weekly garbage removal.

With roots in Velva, SRT the regions largest cooperative telephone company, provides cell service, DSL, cable and land line with fiber optic to the community and rural areas.

Utility Type Utility Name Phone
Electricity (in city limits) Ottertail (866) 410-8780
Electricity (outside city) Verendrye Electric (800) 472-2141
Wastewater (city limits) City of Velva (701) 338-2660
Water (city limits) City of Velva (701) 338-2660
Water (outside city) North Prairie Rural Water (701) 852-1886

Water Information
Water Source (city and rural):
Storage Capacity: 180 thousand gal
Average Demand: 90,000 gal/per/day
Peak Demand: 150,000 gal/per/day
Total Water Hardness: 17
Bulk Water Rate: $5.00/1,000 gal
Residential: $11.00/1,000 gal and $4.00 after Garbage: $13.00/month

Wastewater Information
Treatment Type:
Pumping Capacity: 173 gal/min
Peak Demand: 90,000 gal/per/day
Average Demand: 90,000 gal/day
Usage Charge: $12.00

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