Velva Quick Facts


County: McHenry
Souris Basin Planning Council Region II
Distance from Minot 19 miles
Bismarck 114 miles
US Congressional District:
ND at Large
Web site:


Community: 1,049
North Dakota:
*U.S. Census 2004 Estimate

Major Employers:

Archer Daniel Midland
Souris Valley Care Center
Velva Public School
Verendrye Electric Cooperative

Workforce McHenry County Souris Basin Region
Total Labor Force 2,823 47,071
Available Workforce 2,708 45,053
Unemployment Rate 4.1% 3.5%
*ND Job Service – LAUS Unit June, 2010


Utility Type Utility Name Phone
Electricity (in city limits) Ottertail (866) 410-8780
Electricity (outside city) Verendrye Electric (800) 472-2141
Wastewater (city limits) City of Velva (701) 338-2660
Water (city limits) City of Velva (701) 338-2660
Water (outside city) North Prairie Rural Water (701) 852-1886

Water Information
Water Source (city and rural):
Storage Capacity: 180 thousand gal
Average Demand: 90,000 gal/per/day
Peak Demand: 150,000 gal/per/day
Total Water Hardness: 17
Bulk Water Rate: $5.00/1,000 gal
Residential: $11.00/1,000 gal and $4.00 after Garbage: $13.00/month

Wastewater Information
Treatment Type:
Pumping Capacity: 173 gal/min
Peak Demand: 90,000 gal/per/day
Average Demand: 90,000 gal/day
Usage Charge: $12.00


Telephone Information
Local Telephone Company: Souris River Telephone 701-858-1200
Long distance, cell service, DSL, cable

Internet Service
Speed of Service SRT up 8 mbps

Newspaper Information
Velva Area Voice
Mouse County Journal
Minot Daily News

Commercial Transportation and Shipping

Federal Highway 52 through city
State Highway 41 through city
Federal Highway 83 19 miles

Rail Information
Intermodal facility Minot, North Dakota 19 miles

Rail Line
CP Rail through community

Air Service
Minot International Airport, Minot, North Dakota (

Distance from community: 19 miles
Runway Length: 7,700 ft long/150’ wide
Surface type: paved
Customs: yes – international
Service type: Charter, Commercial, Jet, Freight
Daily Flights to MSP-Minneapolis-St. Paul: Three

Tax Structure (Mills) on Real Property

Velva City: 102.48
Velva School: 177.91
Velva Park District: 32.19

McHenry County
County 83.5
Townships 18.07
Fires 5.0
Soil Conservations 1.79
Water Districts 1.01

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