City 2022 Election Information

Municipal City Elections & Special Elections

Municipal City elections are held the second Tuesday in June of even-numbered years. Special elections are held as the City Commission calls for and approves them. 

Any person who is a qualified elector and a resident of the City of Velva is qualified to be a member of the Board of City Commissioners and Board of Park Commissioners. Candidates are required to file a Petition/Certificate of Nomination (SFN 02704) with at least 25 signatures, and a Statement of Interests (SFN 10172). Forms are available on the ND Secretary of State’s website, or by contacting the City Auditor's Office at 701-338-2660. 



To get on the ballot, Commission candidates must collect 24 signatures from Velva residents. Election administrators suggest collecting up to 30 signatures and turning in petitions at least one day before the deadline (some signatures may be eliminated if not from valid city residents). Post office boxes are not considered a valid address. Only complete addresses are accepted.

  • A complete filing must include:
    • Petition/Certification of Nomination
    • A Statement of Interests
    • Filing Date is April 11, 2022 at 4PM in the City Auditor's Office at City Hall:                           101 1st Street West; Velva, ND.
  • There is the Commission President (4-year term), two City Commissioners (4-year term),  and two Park Board member (4-year term) positions up for election.  
  • Election is June 14, 2022

Contact Info

Jenny Johns
City Auditor
101 1st Street West
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